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The new In Colors are very pretty! You can see them all together in Saturday's post.

Take a look at them in relation to our other Stampin' Up! colours.

It's good to compare them because depending on the lighting, it can be hard to see how they relate to each other when you're looking at a small swatch in a catalogue. The 2022-2024 In Colors are marked with an asterisk *

Sweet Sorbet is surprisingly pink when set against our other reds.

This is definitely a parakeet colour! Well named don't you think? And if you're a lover of green, how many fabulous options are there?!

I'm so glad we've got a real turquoise hue back in the collection. Perfect for the ocean and beachy stamp sets.

Another blue you say? But this one is exactly that mid evening shade you get after a clear sky day. It has a lovely violet tinge to it.

It's not possible to have too much purple, so in my book this Orchid Oasis is a great addition to our range.

Do you have a favourite yet?

Check out tomorrow's post on some suggestions for colour combinations!

Happy days!


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