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I love adding ribbon to my cards and papercraft projects, but Linen Thread is by far my absolute favourite.

Basically, it goes with everything!

If you saw yesterday's post, you may have noticed that I used linen thread on all the cards but in different ways.

For this one on the Sweet Sorbet card, cut a 40 cm length of thread. Cut that in half, then holding both pieces together make a bow. Simple!

This uses about 40-50cms of thread that you wrap loosely around your fingers, then secure it to the back of a sentiment panel with sticky tape. I offset mine to the left, but you could also centre it.

On the Tahitian Tide card, I used Stampin' Seal adhesive on the back of the sentiment panel, then stuck one end of the linen thread to it, make an oval loop, and stick the centre of the oval to the back of the panel as you go. Go around as many times as you like. To ensure it doesn't pop off, use dimensionals over the thread to attach the sentiment to the card.

This is a 'wrap'. Take your thread and wind it around the card - I like to do it about 3 times - then tie a bow. You can do this without measuring, just use your thread straight off the spool. There's no wastage that way.

Don't forget that you can use a wrap style (without the bow) if you need to add texture and interest to masculine cards too.

And my final card - in Starry Sky - is a small simple bow with long tails. Make a bow however you like, and adjust it until you get the size right for the card you are attaching it to. I like how the tails frame the sentiment.

Do you have a favourite? Let me know in the comments.

I hope this gives you some ideas for using linen thread in your card making and papercraft projects.

Have a super day!


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