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Updated: Mar 3

Interesting name?! Sounds a bit dubious doesn't it?

A smash book or junk journal is a combination of a scrapbook and a journal in one. You can use it to write, paint, draw, glue bits and bobs in to - anything really that you want to have recorded either for ideas or posterity.

I've used a smash book when I go on holiday. It's more fun than journalling alone, and it gives you a safe place to (immediately) store things like ticket stubs, coasters from a nice restaurant, and even shells or pressed flowers. Once, I made a pencil rubbing of a cute plaque I found in the garden of a cottage we were staying in and, I loved the phrase, so now it's safe in my smash book.

Check out these pretty ideas. I made them for a class I'm teaching in March. It's an intro to mixed media for decorating items, and I think it's a great way to begin a journey into creativity because you can dabble with different materials to get a unique look.

Click on the Book Classes tab if you're interested in attending. I run classes from home in Annandale every month (usually the 2nd Saturday, unless there's a public holiday clash).

Do you journal? Do you scrapbook? Why not combine them both?

Happy crafting.


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